Garage Clearing and Removal Tips

There are two types of people. The first group uses their garage to park the car and everything is sorted out and in it’s dedicated place. The other group, which is the most of us, have a quite different policy. Tons of unused equipment cluttered in every possible corner, old toys, clothes that you don’t wear but might need in the future and no parking space. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

If it does, you are probably faced with a hard decision of making some space. But worry not! With those tips you’ll have much more free space in almost no time and declutter your garage like a pro!

Tip 1. Make a plan

Start planning with setting up some crucial groundwork. Create a motivation system that will encourage you to start and end the project faster. Think about what you will do with the things you keep in your garage. Do you prefer to replace them and tidy up or would you rather have them taken away? Have you tried selling donating things you don’t need anymore? Another helpful tip is to set up the day that you have to start the project. If you can’t have a whole day, set up a deadline. You can get something extra nice if you manage to finish before the due date, but the ultimate prize will be the satisfaction from the hard work you will finish.

Tip 2. Set the “keep” criteria

Decide on how are you going to divide things that you need or don’t need any more. Focus on creating a list of rules. If you think, there is a slight possibility that you might need this 5-pound item sold in every other store in approximately twenty years – get rid of it. If you keep telling yourself that you will wear those jeans that you used to like when the right time comes, but it somehow never does – try to sell them.

Try to keep the things that you used at least once throughout the past year or those that you need rarely, but they are super hard to borrow or rent. Choose things in a good condition, that you can use for quite some time. Try to sell or donate items for others in need. The broken items or those that are too old to give away need to be thrown away. If you think you’ll end up with a lot to take away, contact a removal company.

Tip 3. Step by step and off the floor

Pick a starting point and start taking out everything onto the driveway. This way you will have a place to sort out and clean up the garage section by section and make sure, that every little item has its rightful place. You will see the space clearly and find the most perfect way to organize things that you’re keeping. Try to keep as many things up in shelves or showcases to provide maximum free space for the car.

Tip 4. Call for help

When you know there’s just too much trouble to get through to have your garage cleaned up to get rid of the disarray, don’t linger and call for help! Whether you need rubbish removal in Putney, Twickenham or Westminster, search for junk collection in Edgware or dream of waste clearance in other parts of South-West London, there is a company that can do this for you. Simply call Trans Metal on 7931361034, and your modern knight in shining armour will get rid of the rubbish quickly and cheap.

Tip 5. Don’t hesitate

Put your clean out plans from the first tip in motion and get your garage organised!